Final Reflection

This entire process for me has been a learning process. I had not ever made a blog before, so I was a little confused on how to correctly do certain aspects. But, I am very thankful for this learning process to be able to use in my future. I really enjoyed various aspects of each project we were assigned. I enjoyed the personal narrative story because it was a way for me to share a crazy experience in my life and share it in my own unique way. I was very happy to have made a video that got in inside view of the night a felt like I was going to die at a concert. I also really enjoyed the Sense of Place project because it was a way for me to be able to highlight were my mother works. This also gave me an opportunity to share a great help to the community with my classmates. I felt good about it because Seeds Thrift store workers want to use my article in the future as promotion. That to me is a huge compliment, and I’d like to get more into doing  those kind of projects on my own time. I also felt that the community engagement project was a great learning experience in learning how to cooperate with others in order to accomplish a bigger purpose. That assignment definitely was the hardest to accomplishment just due to miscommunications and working around various schedules. Throughout the semester we all learned a lot about our personal thoughts and ways of sharing them with others. That is the point of storytelling to me. I feel we all did a great job as a class and it was an excellent semester of learning and growth. I hope to use my blog in the future for inspiration for new projects and share it with my close friends.

Two of my favorite videos to watch:

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