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Have you ever wanted a store that had all sorts of items for your family, yet at a very affordable price? I know I have especially when I have been needing to budget my money. Well, I have found the perfect place to shop and get amazing deals on quality clothes and home supplies. This place is called Seeds Thrift Store. Located in Woodstock, Georgia. Seeds Thrift is a game changer for the community. This store is not like any other thrift store. It is extremely unique. This is a store founded on Christian values and ethics. The mission of this store is to help serve the community. This thrift store is a non for profit store which is in partnership with The Hope Center.

I am sure you are wondering just what the Hope Center is. Well, I am glad you asked! The Hope Center is a resource for women who are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy or very unfortunate family situations. The Hope Center offers free pregnancy testing as well as counseling for woman who are considering abortion. They provide these services to all the families in the community who are going through these tough situations. This is a nonjudgemental place to get the advice you needs, and even better it is all confidential. 

Seeds Thrift Store is an extension of the Hope Center as it takes donations from the community and sells them at a fraction of the cost. All the profits made at Seeds are then used to fund the operations at the Hope Center. This is very amazing as unlike a normal thrift store such as Good Will, all the profits made are used to help an Organization who’s goal is helping assist women and families who are in a crisis. Another unique aspect of this store is the concept of “mommy money”. Mommy money is basically points earned from joining the rewards program and gaining points for each purchase made. These points can be used in the store as store credit. These credits can be used in the place of cash. This is an extremely helpful incentive for anyone customers, especially mothers with young children. 

Another exciting thing that takes place at Seeds is their quarterly blow out sales. This is when all clothes are a dollar and everything else is 50 % off. These take place a few times every year. This means that you could buy any thing from a dress to a baby bib for only one dollar each. On these days Seeds is extremely busy due to many customers trying to take advantage of this amazing deal. I almost cannot believe that you could actually buy a dresser for your room or even a high chair for so cheap. This is just another way the Seeds is able to efficiently help the community financially. In edition to this dollar deal, every Saturday, all the items that have been 50 percent off are one dollar for that day. At the end of the day Saturday everything that hasn’t been sold goes to different ministries such as homeless shelters and more. Additionally, every Monday a new color clothing goes on sale for fifty percent of the original price. 

This store is close to my heart because of all their service, but also because it has families ties to me as well. My mother has been working there for about a year and a half. I truly have been able to see how much happier she is each day she is able to work at this store. Each day the women and men who help volunteer at this store bring so much light into her life. They are her friends and her support system. At her previous job, there was so much negative energy and this caused more anxiety than it should have. My mother suffers from depression so being an an extremely toxic environment is not the ideal for her to manage. But this store and its employees have been such a blessing to her and our family. I see her so happy to go to work and when she gets home. To me, there is nothing better than doing what you love every single day. Even better yet, being able to help others in the process. 

The Seeds Thrift Store is just such an inviting place. Every time you come into the store you feel at home. There is even a prayer wall where you can write down the things you would like people pray for for you. You feel loved and cared about. You can easily see the light and warm that comes from this wonderful place. I highly recommend visiting this store and experiencing all the wonderful things that comes from it. 

 The Sorting Room: 

The sorting room is the area in the back of the store where volunteers receive donations, and then inspect each item for quality. This process involves looking for things such as wearability, no holes or damage to the clothing. They also use the same process to inspect the toys and furniture and more. Seeds does not accept items that are not in fantastic condition. This ensures that their customers are only getting the best when they come in to shop. The rest of the items that they do not except from donation are then donated to other ministries in the area. This helps guarantee that nothing goes to waste. Typically, the people who do all of the sorting are individuals who volunteer their precious time to look through each item and then sort them by gender and color. Once every item has been approved, they are collect and put on on the sales floor. This is a really wonderful way to help serve others. I personally have helped volunteer to do some of the sorting and I had a wonderful time. If you are looking for something to do to give service to others, this would be perfect for you!

The Prayer Wall: 

In the very front of Seeds, there is a wall called the prayer wall. The wall is specifically intended to share the prayer requests of others. There are cards on the table that any one can write on and then leave for the Seeds employees to read. The employees, and anyone else who is given permission, then pray for each request through out the week. Once the written pray requests have been prayed for, they are then hung up on the prayer wall. This makes it possible for others, such as customers to read and pray for as well. I know so many times in my life when I needed others to pray for me. I would have loved to have an outlet like this wall to put my concerns out for others to give help and encouragement to. If you need someone to pray for you but don’t know how to go about it, this would be a fantastic place for you to go. You can be certain that the people praying for you love God and have compassion on those who need help. Here at Seeds, you know you are in good hands.

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295 Molly Ln #100, Woodstock, GA 30189

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