Podcast: Song Exploder

For the podcast I chose, I looked into different podcasts that explore the way that music is created. I found a really great one called “Song Exploder”. In this podcast series they choose individual songs and have the artists explain the song and how it came into existence from the production to the lyrics, and the beat. I then chose to pick a few episodes of the podcasts which contained songs that I know, and some I had not heard before. My five episodes I picked were “Denzel Curry-Ricky”, “Fleetwood Mac-Go Your Own Way”, “The Lumineers-Ophelia”, “Arcade Fire-Put Your Money On Me”, and “John Carpenter-Halloween”. I found each episode to be very unique and interesting. I was super happy to have been able to get more of a behind the scenes view of some of my favorite songs, plus some new music.


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