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The big day had finally came. Me and my brother were ready to see A$AP Rocky for the first time in concert. We get our items together and load up the car for our drive.

The concert was in Gwinnett, which is around an hour away from where we live. This said, we were prepared for a long drive. Unfortunately, it was raining very hard outside. The entire drive was difficult because I could barely see the road.

Thankfully, we arrive safely at the venue. We go through the line to get into the concert floor. We get a super close spot by the stage. We stand there for probably over an hour. As the time passes, I start to feel very warm and dehydrated. Eventually, I could no longer take it. I passed out right onto the floor before the show could begin.

The next thing I know, there was the medical team wheeling me away in a wheel chair. They took me to the medic station and ask me many questions. They conclude that I just needed food and water to revive me. I ate and drank several bottles of water. Luckily, my brother was there to make sure I was helped and safely taken care of. He truly was a gem.

Finally, they release me to go back and watch the show. We decided to just sit instead of stand since I felt weak still. However, we still enjoyed the show and will remember it for a lifetime.

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